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to refresh or transform

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At Midge Marketing we don’t come over as big and clever, we recognise you’re in business because, well, you’re good at what you do.


We also understand that you may simply not have the time or resources and are just too close to the issue to crucially enhance your business.


This is where we can help, by working together, we will look and understand potential innovative strategies and opportunities to improve both marketing and business effectiveness.


We offer both internal and/or external support at agreed costs before any commencement. So if you are ready to implement ways to advance, whilst controlling the outcome please email me on or ring on 0781 5018 649


 By working together we will create an open and collaborative strategy for conclusive and fresh thinking


 You control the level of involvement and you will know the costs in advance of commencement.

 We are not your stereotypical, all knowing, superficial consultants, we work on experiences learned, structured knowledge and good old fashioned common sense

 One man's idea + one man's creativity